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November nineteen, 2001


PTC Merchandise Focus: Pro/Report

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• PTC Merchandise Focus: Pro/Report


In Drawing setting, you can use Pro/REPORT to create energetic, customized information with pulling views and graphics. Pro/REPORT also works together Pro/HARNESS-MFG,

Pro/PIPING, Pro/MFG, and Pro/DIAGRAM. By defining duplicate regions, you can add model data to a survey, which expands and shrinks as the model alterations. You can

utilize the following methods to manage the information that shows up in a statement: · Add filters to remove specific types of data coming from appearing in reports, pulling tables, or layout desks. · Search recursive or top-level assembly data intended for display.

· List replicate occurrences of model info individually or as a group within a report, attracting table, or perhaps layout table. · Straight link set up component balloons to a personalized BOM and automatically revise them as you make assembly modifications.

You can generate several kinds of result using Pro/REPORT such as relatives tables, associative reports, and graphical wirelists. A common example of a report is actually a

customized Invoice of Materials (BOM), including the one displayed in the next physique. Report with Assembly Sights

In Survey mode, you may display info in tabular form in reports in the same way it is in drawing furniture. The system will take the data it reports inside the tables straight from a selected version and revisions it as you change the unit. However , you can not modify every model dimensions values and geometry in Report mode—they are read-only. The system gives report data files the data file extension. associate. Report Function Menus Survey mode choices are shortened versions from the Drawing mode menus. This kind of mode delivers all of the associative abilities that Drawing method offers, except that you cannot alter the style. Refer to the right chapters with this guide for additional information on sketching commands.

To Create a Report

1 . From the Pro/ENGINEER menu pub, choose Record New....

installment payments on your In the New dialog field, click Record and type a term in the Brand box (or accept the default); then click FINE.

3. In the Create Report dialog package, specify the report size or access a formatting: To stipulate the size, select Set Size and do among the following: -- Click Face in the Alignment box (to make the height larger than the width) and choose a standard size from the Common Size list.

- Simply click Landscape in the Orientation package (to associated with width larger than the height) and select a normal size from your Standard Size list.

- Click Variable in the Orientation box to define both the height and width dimensions. Select In . or Millimeters and type values inside the Width and Height bins. To retrieve a structure, click Access Format and select a name from the Term list inside the Format box. You can also type [? ] or simply click Browse to select a be derived from the Open up dialog field.

4. Just click OK. The system displays the report since specified and the REPORT menu appears. five. Create a drawing table on the drawing bed sheet by choosing RECORD > Desk > Produce. 6. Establish a do it again region by choosing TABLE > Repeat Region > Add.

7. Select cells to repeat with model information.

Creating a Replicate Region

Choosing a yields featured (one-row) repeat region

almost eight. Selecting M yields pointed out (two-row) duplicate region

being unfaithful. Choose Get into Text and type subject text in a row or column beyond the replicate region (unless you want that text to do it again with every happening of unit data).

twelve. The replicate region inside the table need to contain sign parameter information to be shown in the table. Choose STAND > Get into Text > Keyboard; or perhaps choose ENTER INTO CELL > Report Sym. 11. Add the assembly model to the survey by choosing RECORD > Views and typing the name of the set up.

12. The program automatically selects Add Perspective from the OPINIONS menu, plus the VIEW TYPE menu looks. To...

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