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Rachel’s challenge essay contest scholarships


The definition of the digital humanities is being continually formulated by students and professionals. Since the discipline is constantly growing and changing, specific meanings can quickly become outdated or unnecessarily limit future potential. The other volume ofArguments in the Digital Humanities(2016) acknowledges the difficulty in defining the field: Along with the digital archives, quantitative analyses, and tool-building projects that once characterized the field, DH now encompasses a w

Historically, the digital humanities developed away of humanities computing and has become associated with other fields, such as humanistic computing, cultural computing, and media studies. In tangible terms, the digital humanities embraces a variety of topics, coming from curating on the net collections of primary options (primarily textual) to the data mining of enormous cultural info sets to topic modeling. Digital humanities incorporates both digitized (remediated) and born-digital materials and combines the methodologies via traditional humanities disciplines (such as unsupported claims, history, viewpoint, linguistics, literature, art, archaeology, music, and cultural studies) and sociable sciences, with tools provided by processing (such since hypertext, hypermedia, data visualisation, information collection, data mining, statistics, textual content mining, digital mapping), and digital publishing. Related subfields of digital humanities have emerged just like software research, platform studies, and crucial code studies. Fields that parallel the digital humanities include new media studies and information science along with media theory of composition, game research, particularly in areas related to digital humanities project style and production, and cultural analytics.

Berry and Fagerjord have suggested that a way to reconceptualise digital humanities could be through a digital humanities stack. They argue that this type of diagram is common in computation and computer science to show how technologies are ‘stacked’ on top of each other in increasing levels of abstraction. Here, [they] use the method in a more illustrative and creative sense of showing the range of activities, practices, skills, technologies and structures that could be sa >Without a doubt, the diagram can be examine as underneath levels suggesting some of the critical elements of the digital humanities stack, such as computational pondering and knowledge representation, then other factors that after build on these.

Viola Davis To try out Michelle Obama In Fresh Showtime Series

It’s fair to state that the following potential up coming TV part for Viola Davis include a lot of pressure.

The actress features signed on to play past First Woman Michelle Obama in a series titled First Ladies which can be in the performs at Showtime.

The network has provided the possible one-hour crisis a three-script commitment, with novelist Aaron Cooley on board to write and executive create.

The series will peel off back the curtain within the personal and political lives of First Ladies from throughout record, with time one centering on Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Kia and Michelle Obama.

First Ladies will turn it lens on the East Wing from the White Property, as opposed to the Western, where a lot of history’s many impactful and world changing decisions have been hidden via view, created by America’s charismatic, complex and dynamic 1st Ladies.

The series hails from Showtime and Lionsgate Tv.

Continue on to Variety to learn the complete article.

National Black MBA Association’s 41st Twelve-monthly Conference & Exposition Coming September 24-28

NBMBAA’s 41st Twelve-monthly Conference & Exposition may be the premier seminar for today’s black specialists.

The Gross annual NBMBAA Meeting & Exposition convenes members, corporate and university lovers, and some with the world’s many sought after believed leaders at the George 3rd theres r. Brown Tradition Center for the week of exploration inside the areas of education, leadership, career opportunities, and networking cable connections that allow professional expansion.

More than twelve, 000 pros will goHouston Sept 24-28to reach opportunities that only this national conference may offer. Will you be one of them?

The Countrywide Black MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION Association quest is to support promote educational and financial enrichment to students and professionals. The 41st Twelve-monthly NBMBAA Convention and Exposition hosted in Houston, The state of texas will give attention to the power that each member possesses to control their very own professional success through concentrated planning and preparation.

The conference monitors will be lined up to address management competencies required to accomplish career goals and objectives. In addition , workshops and breakout periods will provide key insights and learnings lined up with difficulties that people are suffering from in business America.

Each member will leave the 41st Annual NBMBAA® Conference and Exposition empowered to lead the planning and performance of a highly effective future and equipped to achieve success by garnering powerful ideas, tools and resources. Don’t miss a chance to attend one of the powerful NBMBAA conferences but!

2017 Article Contest Theme

According to the United Nations, 65 million people globally have left their homes to seek safety in other places due to assault, conflict, persecution, or individual rights violations. The majority of these individuals are refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Picture you really are a member of the U. H. Foreign Assistance – a diplomat attempting to promote tranquility, support prosperity, and shield American citizens although advancing the interests states abroad – and are right now assigned for the U. S i9000. embassy in one of these several countries.

  • Turkey (Bureau of Western and Eurasian Affairs)
  • Kenya (Bureau of Photography equipment Affairs)
  • Afghanistan (Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs)
  • Korea (Bureau of Near East Affairs)

The task is usually to provide advice to address the refugee/IDP crisis facing the nation in which you are actually posted. Making use of the resources open to you as a member from the Foreign Support, write a tonto to your Legate outlining how a United States might help address the latest unprecedented degrees of displacement. You may choose to treat issues related to the causes of renardire crisis, or to focus on the humanitarian catastrophe in your number country.

A qualifying tonto will be you, 000-1, 250 words and will answer the subsequent questions:

  1. How does the crisis concern U. S i9000. interests in the country you happen to be posted and even more broadly?
  2. Specifically outline the steps you propose the U. S i9000. should take to tackle the roots and also the consequences of the crisis, and explain how it would help solve the situation or issues you happen to be examining. How will your efforts support build tranquility or improve stability?
  3. How do you propose, from your embassy/post of assignment, to engender U. S i9000. government interagency cooperation and cooperation together with the host-country federal government to address problems? Among U. S. gov departments, consider U. S. Agency for Foreign Development, the Foreign Commercial Support and the U. S. Institute of Serenity.

Analysis of macroscopic tendencies in ethnical change

Culturomics is a type of computational lexicology that studies individual behavior and cultural tendencies through the quantitative analysis of digitized text messages. Researchers data mine significant digital archives to investigate ethnical phenomena mirrored in language and phrase usage. The term can be an American neologism first described in a 2010Sciencecontent calledQuantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books, co-authored simply by Harvard researchers Jean-Baptiste Michel and Erez Lieberman A

A 2017 analyze released in the Process of the National Academy of Sciences states of America compared the trajectory of n-grams over time in both equally digitised catalogs from the 2010 Science content with those present in a large corpus of regional newspapers from your United Kingdom over the course of 150 years. The study further more went on to work with more advanced Normal language processing techniques to discover macroscopic trends in history and culture, which includes gender bias, geographical concentrate, technology, and politics, along with appropriate dates intended for specific occasions.

Companion Information for the 2017 Nationwide High School Essay Contest

It really is no convenient task to jump in to the role of any diplomat, particularly when confronted by such an urgent turmoil. USIP, in consultation with AFSA, developed a guide to offer a basic introduction to the topic and a few additional context that can assist you in answering problem, while nonetheless challenging one to develop your very own unique response. As such, information should be utilized as a beginning point to your own analysis and as you ultimately prepare a compelling memo outlining tips the U. S. govt should stick to to respond towards the refugee and IDP catastrophe.

In the direct you will find: ideas into the position of the Foreign Service; region, organization, and key-term briefs to provide a foundational understanding; and a list of various other useful assets. Download the Companion Guidebook for the 2017 Nationwide High School Dissertation Contest (. pdf).

Elementary anti-bullying Plan

WSLEA can be pleased to bring in Joel Brantley’s motivational software Bullying; It’s Not U. K. – Take a STAND against lovato at primary schools throughout Washington Express. Joel Brantley has built a profession out to do two things this individual loves – performing as being a rock and country music artist, and helping kids. For twenty years Joel Brantley has been combining his skill as a live performer with his passion and gift intended for helping young people deal with challenging topics such as drugs, intimidation and expert pressure.

Every year Joel travels to various parts of the country, to elementary and middle educational institutions, spreading the phrase that drugs and dreams don’t mix and bullying, it’s not OK! as well as instilling the kids with positive messages about life and personality that they can bear in mind and build upon. Joel’s one hour, high energy reveals combine 50’s and 60’s rock, nation, and Joel’s own tracks, written specifically for kids plus the topics they will deal with. Joel seamlessly blends the music with positive emails that really have an impact about today’s youngsters. Joel’s reveals are also interactive, which means the youngsters, even teachers, principals and parents get involved. They get to sing, dance, perform rubber guitars, wear Elvis shades and be part of the performance with Joel, all while learning crucial lessons that will help them the rest of their lives.

For added information, please view Joel’s website in http://www.joelbrantley.com. FindLatest Informationfor continuous updates.

Trout Pond School

Bass Lake is actually a small , 225 student K-12, rural community. Typical of many small countryside communities, substance use between youth and their primary care providers is actually a concern. Their particular highest achieving students are doing well and making a life on their own after graduating. The middle and lowest achieving students are generally not having as much success during or after all their high school years. The Bass Lake staff wanted to observe stronger links between these kinds of groups and saw hosting a Challenge Day as an opportunity to close this kind of achievement gap. This type of system is exactly the type of community participation supported by WSLEA and we were happy to support.

Challenge Time is a rigorous day-long program where college students and personnel are brought together and life-changing you possess are formed. After taking part in Challenge Working day, the attitude of the college student body plus the school environment are altered, reducing emotional stress, elevating positive pupil relationships, and powerfully changing the health of pupils. Its common for some pupils to describe the Challenge Day since the best time of their lives.

Challenge Day develops leadership and social and emotional skills in students. Students will:

    • Increase their skills in noticing oppressions and isolation
    • Practice safe and effective intervention tools in the midst of conflict
  • Perform acts of change in their schools and communities

Through a Challenge Day experience, Trout Lake intends to see improvement in the following areas:

    Reduction in bullying behavior which will reduce school absences and school avo

School Mature and Fresh School Principal with WSLEA check

Digital records

The Women Writers Task (begun in 1988) is known as a long-term research project to make pre-Victorian women writers more accessible with an electronic collection of rare text messages. The Walt Whitman Archive (begun in the 1990s) sought to create a hypertext and scholarly model of Whitman’s works and now includes photos, sounds, and the only thorough current bibliography of Whitman criticism. The Emily Dickinson Archive (begun in 2013) is known as a collection of high resolution images of Dickinson’s beautifully constructed wording manuscripts in addition to a searchable lexicon of more than 9, 000 words that appear in the poems.

The Slave Societies Digital Archive (formerly Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies), directed by Jane Landers and hosted at Vanderbilt University, preserves endangered ecclesiastical and secular documents related to Africans and African-descended peoples in slave societies. This Digital Archive currently holds 500,000 unique images, dating from the 16th to the 20th centuries, and documents the history of between 6 and 8 million individuals. They are the most extensive serial records for the history of Africans in the Atlantic World and also include valuable information on the indigenous, European, and Asian populations who lived alongside them.

The involvement of librarians and archivists plays an important part in digital humanities projects because of the recent expansion of their role so that it now covers digital curation, which is critical in the preservation, promotion, and access to digital collections, as well as the application of scholarly orientation to digital humanities projects. A specific example involves the case of initiatives where archivists help scholars and academics build their projects through their experience in evaluating, implementing, and customizing metadata schemas for library collections.

The initiatives at the National Autonomous University of Mexico is another example of a digital humanities project. These include the digitization of 17th-century manuscripts, an electronic corpus of Mexican history from the 16th to 19th century, and the visualization of pre-Hispanic archaeological sites in 3-D.

Cultural criticism

Digital humanities have been criticized for not only ignoring traditional questions of lineage and history in the humanities, but lacking the fundamental cultural criticism that defines the humanities. However, it remains to be seen whether or not the humanities have to be tied to cultural criticism, per se, in order to be the humanities. The sciences [vague] might imagine the Digital Humanities as a welcome improvement over the non-quantitative methods of the humanities and social sciences.


Digital humanities scholars use a variety of digital tools for their research, which may take place in an environment as small as a mobile device or as large as a virtual reality lab. Environments for creating, publishing and working with digital scholarship include everything from personal equipment to institutes and software to cyberspace. Some scholars use advanced programming languages and databases, while others use less complex tools, depending on their needs. DiRT (Digital Research Tools Directory ) offers a registry of digital research tools for scholars. TAPoR (Text Analysis Portal for Research ) is a gateway to text analysis and retrieval tools. An accessible, free example of an online textual analysis program is Voyant Tools, which only requires the user to copy and paste either a body of text or a URL and then click the ‘reveal’ button to run the program. There is also an online list of online or downloadable Digital Humanities tools that are largely free, aimed toward helping students and others who lack access to funding or institutional servers. Free, open source web publishing platforms like WordPress and Omeka are also popular tools.

Issues of access

Practitioners in digital humanities are also failing to meet the needs of users with disabilities. George H. Williams argues that universal design is imperative for practitioners to increase usability because many of the otherwise most valuable digital resources are useless for people who arefor exampledeaf or hard of hearing, as well as for people who are blind, have low vision, or have difficulty distinguishing particular colors. In order to prov

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