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Pakistan and Bangladesh

Independence Day

On fourteenth. August, the people of Pakistan celebrate the afternoon when Pakistan gained the independence coming from British India and became an independent state intended for Muslims of South Asia. The day begins with events and prayers in mosques all across Pakistan in which persons pray intended for the enhancement and accomplishment of their region. Early in the morning, a 21 cannon praise is given to any or all those who added and shed their lives for obtaining Independence. Flag hoisting events are held in the capital Islamabad and all capitals of different provinces. Mega-events are organized all across the nation, in which the persons of Pakistan sing their national anthem and well-known classical and pop singers sing different patriotic music. Famous governmental and private structures are adorned with lighting and the working day is came to the conclusion by a impressive firework in Major metropolitan areas of Pakistan.


Different parts throughout the nation have their individual different tastes and types, giving Pakistani tea tradition a diverse combination. In Karachi, the Dark-colored tea and Masala cellier (Spiced tea) are popular while the heavy and milky Doodh Drauguol? Chai is more preferred in Punjab. Cookies and paan are common special treats and worn enjoyed with tea. In the northern and western parts of the country, including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and much of Kashmir, the most popular green tea called kahwah is definitely predominant.

In Kashmir, Kashmiri chai or Noon Chai, a red, milky tea with pistachios and cardamom, is consumed primarily in special occasions, marriages, and during the winter months in the next sold in a large number of kiosks. In the further north Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan locations, Central Oriental variants including salty buttered Tibetan design tea will be consumed.

Many different languages happen to be spoken in Pakistan

The state number of ‘languages’ actively spoken in Pakistan is between 73 and 76. Therefore within several hours as you travel between the country’s districts, there are languages that other groupings in different locations do not speak. The most popular different languages, however , are part of the largest cultural groups with the own modern day and ancient literature. The majority of languages in Pakistan belong to the Indo-Iranian language group, including Urdu, the national language.

Chand Raat

Chand Raat is theCelestial satellite nightthe moment crescent celestial body overhead is sighted on previous day of Islamic month of Ramadan and next day is Eid ul-Fitr. Inside the night known as Chand Raat, people commemorate by various means, including girls placing henna on the hands. People buy gifts and sweets that is to be given to good friends and households who come over to celebrate the finish of Ramadan. The roads, major complexes, and attractions, even away from malls and plazas, placed on displays of elaborate adornments and vibrant light shows. You will find large crowds of people in the city center to celebrate the beginning of Eid, and it is usually a boom time for business.

4. 13 Etiquettes in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Culture of Pakistan is Islamic but Pakistan also has their cultural social grace based generally on Southern Asia’s affect, like while British. Traditions of Pakistan is wealthy and lively. Guests will discover their website hosts to be courteous and friendly. English is essentially spoken in major metropolitan areas such as Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore and other organization community. Pakistan is an especially understanding place despite its governance after Islam. Friends should note that there is a large cultural and economic gap between the social classes in country. Within the last decade, the center class of country in particular has been precious by Pakistan’s economic and political interference, but it remains fast raising. It is best, however not mandatory for friends to have a local host who are able to assist and accompany these people right through their particular trip. The brand new etiquette in Pakistan can be described as combination of american and far eastern part social grace as Pakistan people are quite definitely attracted to the western and eastern best practice rules and ideals.

Tea traditions

The intake of tea in Pakistan, where it is calledchai( ÚاØÛ’ ), its name in Urdu, features central significance to Pakistani culture. It is one of the most consumed beverages in Pakistani cuisine. Pakistan really does produce its very own limited tea in Chinkiari (KP)farms, nevertheless it ranks as the third most significant importer of tea on the globe. In 2003, as much as 109, 000 tonnes of tea had been consumed in Pakistan, rank it in seven on the list of tea-consuming countries in the world.

Although green tea continues to be an ancient traditions in Pakistan for thousands of years,blacktea was originally released and popularized during the colonial British era in Southern Asia. Urban centers such as Lahore had one of the vibrant tea cultures, while the drink quickly absorbed into regional culture. The shield on the State logo of Pakistan notably comes with a tea plant in one of its sectors. Tea is normally consumed for breakfast, during lunch breaks at the place of work, and in the evening at home. Evening tea might be consumed with typically a thing sweet including biscuits or perhaps cake but can also be dished up with a tasty snack just like samosas, with respect to the amount of time one has. Guests are generally offered an option between tea and soft drinks. It is common practice for property owners to offer tea breaks to hired work, and sometimes even supply them with tea during the breaks. Tea offered to labour is typically strong and recieve more sugar in it.

Large teas are routine at resorts and eating places, and are generally buffet-style dishes with lumination snacks.

Tea making techniques vary from house to home, and person to person, but tea is usually made from loose tea leaves and steeped for a couple of minutes ahead of serving. A teapot and tea warm may be used, if time allows, or tea may be steeped directly in the kettle off the heat. After steeping, the tea is usually poured in to cups by using a strainer. Milk may be added before or after the tea, but sweets is typically offered separately so that each individual may add sugars according to his or her personal taste. Teabags are usually reserved for when time constraints tend not to enable one to prepare tea from loose gourmet tea leaves.

Tea served is normally black, with milk, though green tea is becoming increasingly popular. While black tea is very seldom consumed without milk, green tea is never dished up with dairy.

Most of the tea consumed in Pakistan is imported by Kenya. After 1995, the Pakistani authorities began to implement a tea plantation project, which set up green tea estates in Pakistan and accomplished good performance.


All of the Pakistani music ranges via diverse regional folk music and classic styles just like Qawwali which is played simply by men clapping, singing and playing plats and Ghazal Gayaki to modern varieties fusing classic and Western music.

Pakistan is home to a large number of famous people singers like the late Alam Lohar, who is also well known in Of india Punjab. The arrival of Afghan refugees in the american provinces offers rekindled Dari music and established Peshawar as a centre for Bedcover musicians and a syndication center intended for Afghani music abroad.

four. 9 Matrimony

In Pakistan marriage is called Nikah during these is formal legal record is agreed upon by the wedding couple among of several members of the family or experience these build that the couple is officially married.

The other Muslim marriage custom known as Mayun or Lagan which happen four or five days and nights before the relationship and this starts with the bridge heading off to a secluded area of house. Before the some day of marital life there is a menhdi ceremony, in this ceremony bride’s hands and feet will be painted with menhdi it’s also known as heena.

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