P1 P2 M1 D1 Essay

BTEC LEVEL three or more NATIONAL IN BUSINESS (The Business Environment). P1: Describe the type of business, goal, and title of two contrasting businesses. Sainsbury's:

Sainsbury's is the UK's third major chain of supermarkets, recharging options the lengthiest standing key food retailing chain, which was founded simply by John Wayne Sainsbury's in 1869 as being a partnership together with his wife Martha Ann. The holding firm J Sainsbury's PLC, is usually split into three divisions which are: Sainsbury's Supermarket Ltd, Sainsbury's Local and Sainsbury's Bank. The Sainsbury's Supermarket is created upon a heritage which gives their customers with a healthy, secure, fresh and tasty food. It differientiates itself by providing a broad array of great top quality products at fair rates with particular emphasis on fresh foods, a strong ethical approach to business and ongoing leadership and innovation. Sainsbury's Plc includes a chain of 592 supermarkets and 611 convenience stores. A huge Saubsbury's shop offers around 30, 500 products and an increasing number of stores present complementary nonfood products and services. Sainsbury's employs around 161, 1000 people. Sainsbury's is currently in the Secondary Sector. This is because the organisation supplies services (Sainsbury's Bank), offer food nevertheless also have their particular farm. The service by Sainsbury's is going to deliver an continuously-improving top quality shopping experience for their consumers with amazing products at affordable prices. Their is designed are to surpass customers expectations for healthful, safe, fresh and tasteable food, producing their lives easier day-to-day. The type of title is Sainsbury's are a Open public Limited Firm (PLC). General public Limited Firm is usually a significant, well-known business, shares control on the stock market.


Oxfam is a major international charity which is focused on fighting poverty yet also strengthening poorer persons around the world. Oxfam has 13 partner organisations, working with 90 countries worlwide to provide donations to legal public support. Oxfam can be described as highly rated charitable organization within score organisations nevertheless also is well respected in the Internation Help community. Oxfam started in the united kingdom in the early 1940's since the Oxford Community for Famine Relief, this was after shortned to Oxfam. This is established by the Quakers and other social rights advocates who had been concerned by the starvation that has been happening in Greece. This later advanced to enclose every poverty concerns in general. The first international Oxfam office opened canada, this was inside the 1960's. It was eventually merged with an office in america, France, Sydney, Spain, Neitherlands, Germany, Hk and Quebec. These countries together shaped the 13 partner organisations which created Oxfam Internatio in 95. Oxfam can be described as tertiary (secondary) sector as the charity provides services to the people which are in need of survival yet also need epowering due to their imporivishing. As I discussed before, Oxfam's main purpose is struggling poverty although also strengthening poorer persons around the world. The sort of ownership Oxfam fits into can be charitable trust, this is because the charity is placed to raise money but also supports poorer individuals around the globe. P2: Illustrate the different stakeholders who effect the purpose of two contrasting businesses. In this job, I will be talking about the different stakeholders who have an influence on the purpose of my chosen organisations. The key stakeholders for Sainsbury's are:

Clients: Customers are also known as buyer, client or perhaps purchaser of your good/ merchandise. They want a companies to make high quality, value for money products. They always want to see improvements which could give better value to their funds. Customers like seeing promotions and other kind of offers giving their money less expensive. Certain consumers like discovering products that are friendly to the environment. Clients can effect Sainsbury's simply by deciding both or never to continue getting...

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