nelson mandela Essay

 My personal challenge

it has been a rough and tough day time in 2008 when i was 13 years of age, the worst thing in living happened to me. i was surviving in a small town called tokombiya with my family and we had many different kind of domestic pets in our home and I am the oldest one out of my family which means I had to consider full responsibility for all the home animals specifically for the cows as they were more than others and in addition they need one person to look after them and protect them from any kind of harm thing and all that responsibility was on me and I accustomed to look after these people almost several years I had been close one with all of them know everything about them much more than others carry out.

as we all know every living organism want food to outlive and it's hard to give food to all the family pet in residence so I was forced to take the cows and sleep outdoors in the forest. countably we were holding around 20 cows which I used to rest with them in the forest. it has been a fantastic life to look after them a cheerful life I did previously think just about them, considering nothing, have always fun with friends who has pets like me.

all of us used to play different kind of our classic games, sing songs toghether, climb trees in the forest and we utilized to compete to climb the tallest woods and the one that climbed prior to the others we all used to phone him being a climber and provide him a few prize. It absolutely was perfect your life with packed with joyful and happiness but this we hadn't has great ending and bad issues happened. It had been midnight around 1 A. M i used to be in the forest with my own pets as well as the forest was surrounded with wild animals like hyena, fox and other various kind of wild animals anyway it had been dangerous place for the pets as well as for me personally.

and this night I had been alone inside the forest with my pets and I was tired and suddenly sensed asleep inside the unprotected forest. With being tired We hadn't known about whatever at that nighttime heavy sort of...

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