Essay on My Experience

My OJT Experience

Finally my three hundred hours of OJT is finally performed. For a month and a half My spouse and i learned lots of things. I had my personal OJT in Sterling Place Makati City, at first really hard to wake up too soon and drive all alone to office and specially operating a coach but€ over time my body is now used to my own daily routine. About our initially day we had our alignment where all of us talked about a brief history of the company, the people lurking behind its success, the policies, rewards, codes of conducts, etc . And then Ma'am Alex way us towards the whole organization for us to be familiar with the place, she introduced us to the whole group of Corporate Human Resource Division and as well for the other department and firms that are within the Sterling Newspaper Group of Businesses. After the path, we help the whole CHRD to prepare the things which they are going to employ for their team building tomorrow at Pampanga. And this is the first-time that we fulfilled our good friend in the office the PHOTOCOPY MACHINE! Ma'am Elena is the one who taught us the do's and don'ts of the machine. On our first day we start learning on how to socialize and mix with the complete CHRD people. For the next days and nights we are subjected to the common tasks of an HUMAN RESOURCES; filing, development, photocopy, creating, test government, checking and so on. They are permitting us to conduct the test administration with all the applicants so that we know more about the explained task; the non verbal and the workplace based examination. The low verbal examination is given to people whose are applying to the positioning of promodizer, sales clerk, roving merchandiser, etc while the office based exam has to those who also are €applying for the positioning that is designated inside the business premises other than to those who also are trying to get the position of managerial, supervisorial €and other high location because they have their own units of examination.  I likewise learn on the right way to create the ID in the Employee, Ma'am Rose allow me to do a great ID for the newly hired staff at first it was hard nevertheless...

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