Essay upon Media Ideas

п»їMedia Theories Dissertation


This essay can identify and analyze two key mass media theories and discuss their changing importance with the go up of new media and around different means. It will point out how these theories had been largely based upon traditional media such as newspapers and television networks and question whether they are still relevant in the same way to new multimedia such as social network sites and online TV. Press Theories

The fist multimedia theory recognized is Functionalism; a theory that symbolizes a midsection ground between cultural and technological determinism and arguments whether the lifestyle in which our company is raised establishes who our company is or the fact that media causes changes in culture and traditions, and therefore all of us. Functionalism states that contemporary society cannot function without multimedia, and the aim of media should be to help serve the needs of our contemporary society and traditions. Such sociable needs will be; Surveillance, particular media which provide information to audiences with the surveillance of their environment, meaning, when the data we get is definitely processed and correlated with what we already know, beliefs transmission, the cultural transmitting from one era to another, and entertainment. Typical media, including television, a radio station and newspaper publishers, allowed the media to become more immediate over the info we get and therefore, the message all of us interpret. Systems such as BBC would provide info and topics that they choose, newspapers edited for the style and substance required by messenger, not the audience. This provided a very narrow range of ideas and information with limited topics that were especially chosen and written. Recently, this thin information was all that was available to the audience and therefore, was the information they relied to determine their opinions, they needed this. This type of social need does not apply to fresh media as well as it does to conventional mass media. New media does not need specialized media stores...

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