Essay about Journal Document Critique

A 43 year old woman had a mass in her right leg for approximately one month before your woman went to her doctor. Your doctor gave her an examination and found the mass to be firm, painless, and standing. He then followed up with ultrasound and MRI testing. The results reveled the size condition and location from the mass. Medical procedures was scheduled to remove the mass. In order to was examined a solution like material spilled out indicating a ganglion cyst. They did a microscopic study of the cyst and this showed a dense fibrous wall. Eight months following your surgery the person complained of another mass in the same spot. The girl went back to the doctor that preformed the initial surgery and he purchased a COMPUTERTOMOGRAFIE scan. The CT check out results showed two more cysts. They determined the cysts had been from substance leakage and never getting the entire cyst initially. Ganglion cysts are common yet since this a single was positioned in the tendon itself, it can be considered unusual. These types of cysts are generally situated in the hand, wrist, and foot. That they recur in about ten percent of instances due to liquid leakage and incomplete removing. The significance of this article for health care professionals are a dependence on clear analysis, complete removal during medical procedures, and try to prevent leakage during surgery. A definite diagnosis could be achieved by MRI's and ultrasound scans which will helps decide the size as well as the location of the cysts. Doctors need to work harder to achieve total removal of the cysts during surgery to assist prevent a reoccurrence of future cysts in the same area. A better system to contain the cysts fluid via contaminating the surgical web page must be executed. The reoccurrence of vulgaris from fluid leakage and incomplete removal is only 10 %, doctors and scientist need to develop a great way to lower the reoccurrence and keep patients from the operating desk. There should be more study on what may cause the vulgaris to begin with they will know why they reoccur but not much will known so why they arise...

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