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The HEWLETT PACKARD – Gresca Alliance

Hewlett-Packard (HP) was founded in 1939 from William Hewlett & David Packard with $538. It is an american mulitnational information technology corporation, which can be headquartered in Palo Enorme and provides equipment, software and services for the. Their created their 1st product, a great audio-frequency oscillator in a garage, now this storage area is known as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. One among their initially cumstomers had been the Walt Disney Broadcasters. In 1999 HEWLETT PACKARD was divided into two 3rd party companies: 1st HP alone was in charge of computer, image resolution & computer printers and second, Agilent Solutions was accountable for measurement technology, medicine digital and much more.

In may 2002, HP mergerd together with the computer manufacturer Compaq as well as the result could have been mixed sales of virtually $82 billion for financial year 2001. Although the product sales were down about 13% ad a direct result the ongoing slum in many high thech markets. From then on the new HEWLETT PACKARD group was organized in four primary business teams, including 1 ) enterprise systems group: which in turn provided technology to support enterprise IT system 2 . Imiganing& Printing Group: which designed & marketed printers, digital imaging gadgets, scanners several. Personal Devices Group: which engineered and sold PC´s in a variety of forms 4. HORSEPOWER Service Group: which provided global THIS infrastructure services.

Cisco Devices was founded in 1984 from a group of Stanford University scientist with the obstacle to make simpler the network of computer systems and produce it more beneficial. Cisco devices designs, produces and provides networking & communication gear. In 03 2000, Cisco Systems was briefly the priciest company in the world with a their market value of about $555 billion. Routers and switches comprised about 70% in the comany´s revenue. Cisco head wear approxemitaly 35. 000 workers with offices in sixty countries.

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