Chlamydia Essay


Important Question: Exactly what are effective strategies to prevent the distributed of Chlamydia among teens?

Ashley Jane Badua

Farrington High School

Well being Academy

Aug 14, 2012

Essential Query: What are effective strategies to prevent the spread of Chlamydia amongst teens?

Many teens today are more susceptible to catching a sexually transmitted disease by being sexually lively. From my personal judgment I realize in today's generation, most young adults think simply by doing it and losing their particular virginity, they're accepted in society's common. Teens believe it's thus cool or in other cases some can even think they finally reached their ‘manhood', when actually, it's nothing like that. Having sexual intercourse basically and really should not be based on recognition, it is something that should be considered genuine. There are a lot of risk when determining to have sex with another person, especially if you're not being cautious. Teens are not aware that you will see consequences such as getting pregnant and catching a sexually transmitted disease (STD). When it comes to sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs), the us offers woefully inadequate education says Familyfirstaid (2004). The most frequent mistake a teenager can make is usually thinking that their very own body is defense to STD's. Chlamydia is a silent nevertheless deadly STD if not really treated very well and is one of the common the one that teens can get and not even know, according to Chlamydia Quick Get rid of.

The chance of experiencing unprotected sex can increase the chance to catch Chlamydia much faster and easier. Relating to Planned Parent Bonnet (2012), 3 million American women and men become infected with Chlamydia annually and is 4 times while common while gonorrhea, more than 30 times as common as syphilis, which is a chronic bacterial disease, and the most common among women and men under the years of 25. For every person with herpes, you will discover six with Chlamydia. Most teen shortage to be aware that when catching...

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