Auditing Letter for Apollo Shoes, Incorporation. Essay


Auditing Introduction Notification to Apollo Shoes, Incorporation.





June several, 2013

Apollo Shoes Incorporation.

100 Sneaker Plaza

Shoetown, ME 00001

To the Board of Directors of Apollo Shoes and boots, Inc.:

Thanks to choosing Anderson, Olds, and Watershed (AOW) to examine your company. It is an honor to provide with an introduction to our auditing and peace of mind services. It is the firm's opinion for companies to understand the qualifications as well as the benefits towards the services we offer before featuring the services.

Three types of auditing services are supplied by AOW. The first is a great operational taxation. Operational audits evaluate the efficiency and success of the industry’s operating procedures and methods (Arens, Parent, & Beasley, 2012). The examination of a department, such as payroll, advertising, or development, takes place through this taxation. It is sometimes looked upon like a consultation. The business may reap the benefits of an operational audit by simply evaluating the techniques found in the different areas of the company. The other type of auditing service can be described as compliance examine. A conformity audit decides if the company is following a regulations arranged by bigger authorities. That ensures the organization is in complying with requirements set by internal and external teams. The third type of auditing service is a monetary statement review. This type of review examines in case the financial statements are in agreement with accounting requirements or a foundation accounting appropriate for the company (Arens, et al., 2012). Like a publicly traded firm, the Investments and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires Apollo Shoes Incorporation. to submit audited financial assertions as part of their annual 10-K filing. Financial statement audits are most likely to detect material misstatements.

Additionally , AOW supplies assurance services to consumers to improve dependability and relevance of information for decision producers. AOW features experience auditing and reviewing historical financial...

References: Arens, A. A., Elder, 3rd there’s r. J., & Beasley, Meters. S. (2012). Auditing and assurance providers: An integrated strategy (14th ed. ). New york city, NY: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Retrieved from College or university of Phoenix, arizona Library.

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