Critiquing Proportions Hcs405 Composition
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Integrity Case Study

Jerry McCall is definitely Dr . Williams' office helper. He has brought professional teaching as both a medical assistant and a LPN. He is managing all the calls while the receptionist is at lunch time. A patient phone calls and says he must include a health professional prescribed refill intended for Valium, a great antidepressant medication , called in right away to his drug-store, since he could be leaving to get the airport in half an hour. He says that Dr . Williams is a personal friend and gives him a small availability of Valium if he has to fly. No one except Jerry with the office at the moment. What ought to he perform?

Does Jerry's medical training qualify him to issue this fill up order? Why or perhaps you should? *

Would it really make a difference if the medicine requested had been for control of high blood pressure the patient seriously needs on a daily basis? Why or why not? 5.

If Jerry cell phone calls in the re-fill and the patient has an unfavorable reaction when flying, can be Jerry protected from a lawsuit underneath the doctrine of respondent remarkable? *

What is your guidance to Jerry?


Identify main legal and ethical issues that may affect Jerry's decision. *

What problem-solving methods might be helpful to assist in making a great ethical decision?

The values involved in this kind of case happen to be disproportioned because Jerry is definitely neither a health care provider nor a nurse practitioner. His line of nor work nor medical schooling qualifies him to suggest medication into a patient. Even though the patient professes to be a personal friend in the doctor, he's not happy to make that decision. Additionally , it will not matter if the medication was just a blood pressure medication. Whether it is good friend of the doctor or certainly not Jerry is needed to refer the patient's demand to the doctor in charge, especially because he is the only one in the office.

In line with the American Rns Association (ANA) website, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) are unable to prescribe medication under any circumstances,...

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